How to Order


Orders are processed online only –
alternatively in a written form by post.

Mail:    sales@onyxmet.com
Registration at our website is not necessary.

You can send us an order directly by mail or put the chosen articles into the basket at first and then send them.

We will answer to your inquiry in the next 24h.
We will provide you with a total purchase amount including the cost of delivery and the order lead time.


You can find the approximate costs of shipment on our website.

If not stated otherwise, all articles are directly available.
We start the realization of order only upon the acceptance of our offer by you and after the arrangement of the payment method.

The shipment is realised only after the receipt of the amount due.
The conclusion of the valid sales agreement is made only after the receipt of the payment!


In case of the receipt of the larger amount of the merchandise or larger amount of articles, the prices can be subject to negotiation.

Mail:    sales@onyxmet.com
Minimum order value is 15 USD (without shipping)!


For each order, please provide us with the address of delivery, the name of the article + quantity and the method of payment.

In case of the companies, please provide us with the VAT number when ordering.